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The Southern Gateway to the Central Valley, Bakersfield is the 11th largest city in California and one of the fastest growing regions in the nation. Steeped in music history, the city is the birthplace of the country music genre known worldwide as the Bakersfield Sound. Bakersfield is the seat of Kern County, which generates 75 percent of the state's oil supply and ranks third among all counties in the United States in agriculture-related production. From award-winning museum exhibits to a variety of regional attractions, Bakersfield has something to do for everyone!

Poplar Pointe


poplar apn map-001

Available Lots- 24

Features- Entry level semi-custom homes in Wasco, CA, the beautiful Rose capital of the country.

Rio Bravo Country Club


Available Lots- 20

Features-Rio Bravo Country Club features a championship 18-hole golf course sculpted out of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. A rare gem in the Bakersfield area offering mountain views and refreshing breezes that serve as a natural backdrop to golf greens, which are considered amongst the top 10 in California.

Bakersfield Country Club


Available Lots- 4

Features-Bakersfield Country Club is set in the sunwashed hills of northeast Bakersfield which possess a natural beauty. Bakersfield Country Club s the area's most exclusive golf club offering a limited number of full equity memberships and non-equity tennis and social memberships.


Silverado plot map

Available Lots- 8

Features- Highly sought-after area in Northwest Bakersfield. All lots are large, 1 acre lots featuring architecturally approved custom homes.

Del Sol

Del Sol entrance

Del Sol plotmap (1024x652)

Available Lots- 18

Features- Gated community featuring large equestrian lots. Perfect location in Northwest Bakersfield, within 4 miles of The Riverwalk Park and Shops.

1_Bakersfield Sign

The Bakersfield sign is one of the more well-known landmarks in Kern County . The sign was originally constructed in 1949 on Union Avenue. It was restored to its original beauty and moved just outside of Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace in 1999.


The Kern County Fair originated in 1916 and is now a Kern County staple event that occurs every fall. The fair provides educational, cultural and entertainment experiences that celebrate the accomplishments of the community as a whole. Residents from all around Kern County rarely miss the chance to attend a night at The Great Kern County fair!

3_Bakersfield Chamber

The Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce (GBCC) is a member-driven and professionally staffed, not-for-profit association of business people committed to improving the economic climate and quality of life in the greater Bakersfield area. The Chamber is representative of all sizes and types of business. Members have varied interests and concerns, and underlying all is the common desire to improve the local business environment and enhance the socio-economic and cultural well-being of our community.

4_Hispanic Chamber

The Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (KCHCC) is a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian organization. It is a recognized Hispanic business resource and leader in the economic and business development of Kern County. As the largest Hispanic business organization in the region, the KCHCC strives to promote Hispanic and minority-owned businesses, and those that cater to, or employ Hispanics by being active and visible in the community and by raising the level of awareness of member's needs in the business community.


The Basques first came to California over 400 years ago and are an integral part of Kern County’s history. The Basques maintain a culture in Kern County and have obtained the respect of residents not only for their contribution to the Kern County agriculture and business community but also for their delicious cuisine, Basque food!

6_Oil Industry (1024x535)

Kern County leads the state in oil and natural gas production. Kern County produces approximately 75% of California’s in-state oil and about 58% of the state’s total natural gas. A major region of economic growth, Kern County’s successful energy industry is committed to sustaining the area’s vitality and to enhancing the region’s cultural, social and work environments.

7_Ag Industry

Kern County is one of the nation’s leading agricultural producers with its’ gross value of agricultural commodities exceeding $6 billion. According to the US Geological Survey, the Central Valley produces about 25% of the nation’s food supply and the most widespread commodities are grapes, almonds, milk, citrus, and pistachios. The agricultural industry is a major contributor to the economic success of Kern County families as almost ¼ of Kern County private sector jobs relate to agriculture and food manufacturing .

8_Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace is a Bakersfield landmark beloved by many. It is a western style music hall located in Bakersfield that was constructed by the world famous country music artist, Buck Owens . Bakersfield was home to Buck and the city served as an inspiration for a great deal of his song writing. Buck opened The Crystal Palace in 1996 following his vision for an upscale dining experience coupled with a performance venue for country western music. It is also the home of Buck Owens museum, which contains items related to his career.

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